Thursday, October 6, 2011

The face of Acrania

I finally had the courage to look at the last photos we have of our precious baby Chace. These ultrasound photos are from the 3D center that gave us the heads up that something was wrong. This was the day that went horribly wrong. As much as these pictures hurt, I am glad I have them 1. to spread awareness and 2. to show that Chace was our precious little boy who will hopefully touch many lives, he will always be loved and missed and we are proud he is our son.

Please be aware some of the pictures may be difficult to view before scrolling down.

Here you can clearly see the missing skull and exposed brain tissue

Here is a look from the back, you can see where the skull did not form.

Here you can see his beautiful legs and body, so precious.

He was otherwise perfect, with 10 fingers and 10 toes and a beautiful heart. I will never understand this, but I am confident there is a reason I was chosen to be Chace's mommy and I hope I can live up to his beautiful message and make sure his short life makes a difference.


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  1. He will always be a beautiful angel. ((hugs))